Your life, your being, your very existence, is gift.
It is a gift given to you, for you to be you, for you to share.
The choice is yours.

Each new day is a gift.
Are you going to smile at it?
Or frown at it?

This is not some new age, psycho-babble hype.
The saints, sages, and shaman have been saying this for millenia.

Your life is a gift.
You are a gift to others around you,
to family, to friends, to neighbors, even to strangers.

You cannot add one day, hour, minute, or second to your life.
Come to think of it, even your next breath is gift,
despite your best attempts to try to control it at times.

True happiness and joy come only from a deep sense of gratitude.
And perhaps an honest smile can only come from a joyful heart.

To smile or not to smile, to be grateful or not, that is the question.
The choice is yours.